Add information and help

It is possible to inform the Plus users (stores) about specific template properties. It is also possible to give them ‘controlled creativity’ where they can choose different headers, splashes and/or colors, all prearranged by the Enterprise user (headquarter). Plus users can then send feedback concerning templates using the same information palette.


  • 1. Click the Info tab. Click Add text and a box will be displayed where you can type in information.
  • 2. Click Add space to add a space (perhaps between different paragraphs).

Add extra template properties

You can add various options to your templates. In this example, we explain how you do if you want to have the choice to show how much is saved on a purchase. Like you can see in the picture above, there is a red header with the text Kampanjvara. Now you want to make it replaceable.

  • 3. Do the same steps as explained above, under Inform; but instead type in the textWrite in number 1 in the box below to show the text Save XX:-“.
  • 4. Copy the text box (in the red header) with the text Kampanjvara. Type in the text SAVE in that copied text box and add the binding Save.
  • 5. Copy the red header object and together with the SAVE text box place them at the bottom (underneath the red header with the text Kampanjvara). Place them in the exact same position as the original header was situated.
  • 6. Make the text box with the text Kampanjvara and its belonging header invisible with the binding Säljstyrning 1.
  • 7. Create a text box next to the template, and add the binding SalesRule to it.
  • 8. Select the text box you just created and click Add field in the Info folder. As a result the field named Salesrule is added to the Information window.
  • 9. Now in this box the user can now type “1” and the amount saved on a purchase is displayed, whilst the red header with the text Kampanjvara will be hidden.