Comparable price calculation

Note: This feature applies only to users with links to Mediablob or other external systems.

With some products, such as pick-and-mix candy or different types of animal food, one need to be able to see the comparable price per kilo. In this chapter you will learn what Tags/bindings are required to implement comparable prices in your template.

Example: Comparable price calculation

The template need to have the following fields for the calculations to work:

  • • Price
  • • Price before
  • • Amount
  • • Unit
  • • Unit price / Unit price before
  • Multi eventually (for multi offers or Packsize – for bigpacks)

 Tip from Shoppa!

More automatic calculations are available.

Installment calculation can be ordered and adjusted according to current payment conditions.


  • 1. Create a text field for amount (280) and unit (g) with the bindings Amount and Unit.
  • 2. Create a text field for comparable price calculated based on ordinary price with the binding Unit price before. Type the text Comparable price + press space (+ eventual field for comparable price calculated based on the sales price; with the binding Unit Price).
  • 3. Create a text field for multi offer, type in for.
  • 4. Go to the Tags tab. From there, drag the binding Amount to the correct text field, release it next to the Free text binding.
  • 5. Drag and release the binding Unit into the same text field.
  • 6. Drag and release the binding Multi to the correct field.
  • 7. Drag the binding Unit Price before to the correct text field, release it next to the Free text binding.
  • 8. Go to the Products tab. Click the box for Amount and Unit, and type in the amount in the Amount box, and also type in the unit in the Unit box.
  • 9. Save. Shoppa will now automatically calculate the comparable price and display it in the text box with the bindings Unit Price before and Unit Price.