Manage folders and templates

Our recommendation is that you start by setting up a good and logical folder structure for your templates. By doing so you facilitate the handling of the different templates, by for example setting the visibility for certain groups of templates/folders.

Create a new folder

1. Select the Templates tab.
2. Click the New folder icon.
3. Name the new folder.

Create a new template


1. Click New Template.
2. Choose format/s.
3. Select if you want the format in Portrait or Landscape. Click Use. Your format will appear under Selected Layouts in the same window.
4. Click Rename to change the name of your layout/s. Click Ok.
5. Name the new template.

Set visibility on templates/folders

When creating folders and templates, it might be useful to make them invisible for the Plus users (stores) to begin with. However, when the templates are finished and ready to use for the stores, you can make them accessible by making them visible again.

1. Right-click on a folder/template.

2. Select Visibility.

3. Tick the box Public if you want the folder/template to be visible, alternatively leave the box blank for the opposite. The names of the visible folders/templates under the Templates tab are always blue colored, except the invisible ones, they become grey colored.

4. Set a specific time period if you want the folder/template to be visible merely during a certain period of time. Do this by filling in the Visible from and Visible to date. The name of the folder/template will then become grey colored and have a small indicative clock icon next to the name, to demonstrate that it will be visible only during a certain period of time. This functions are only available and visible for Enterprise users.

Tip from Shoppa!

Move templates and folders by simply dragging and dropping them into their new location.

Also, by double-clicking a folder or template, you can change their names.