Find folders, templates and pictures

Your Shoppa account contains folders with templates and pictures. You cannot add your own pictures or design custom templates, instead you use the pre-fabricated material in your account and complete these with appropriate information. 

Select template

You will find your templates under the Templates tab. The structure and the number of templates in your account is exclusive to your chain. The Shoppa manager will notify you on exactly how, where or when your various templates are to be used.

How to select a template:

1. Select the Templates tab.
2. Select the desired folder.
3. Select the desired template.

NOTE: Each template can contain several layouts. Read more about it in the section “What is a template and what is a layout?”.

Search for templates and pictures

Above the template list, you will find a Search box where you can search among your templates. When you click on the search box you will see a list of your most used templates and recently modified templates.
This function is also available under the Pictures tab.

Select pictures

You will find your store’s prearranged pictures under the Pictures tab.
Here you choose among different product images, themes, splashes, backgrounds, etc., depending on what is required when preparing a sign for printing.

Start by choosing a template designed with space for pictures. This will show in the template with a blue frame around the picture/s.

  • 1. Click the picture box in the template.
  • 2. Shoppa automatically opens to the Picture tab.
  • 3. Select the desired picture.