About pictures in Mediablob and Shoppa

Picture file types that are supported:

  • JPEG (*.jpg; *.jpeg)
  • PNG (*.png) Stödjer transparens.
  • TIF (*.tif; *.tiff) RGB stödjer transparens.
  • BMP (*.bmp)
  • GIF (*.gif ) Stödjer transparens.
  • WMF (*.wmf )
  • EMF (*.emf ) Har bättre stöd för skrivardrivrutiner än WMF.
  •  • EPS (*.eps ) Kräver AddOn:et ConvertOnServer.
  •  • PDF (*.pdf ) Kräver AddOn:et ConvertOnServer.

NB! The information below DOES NOT apply if you have Shoppa version 2.16 or newer.

Pictures larger than 1 MB are re-saved to smaller JPEGs when imported to Shoppa. The exception is PNG that can be up to 2 MB before they are re-saved. We recommend 1500 px on the widest side of the picture, for a good result on larger prints, e.g. 700×1000 mm.

Vector pictures intended to be transparent should be saved as a WMF file smaller than 1 MB to keep the transparency. If the picture file is larger than 1 MB Shoppa will re-save the picture to a JPEG, and the picture loses its transparency. Transparent PNG’s have to be smaller than 2 MB to keep its transparency.

 Tip from Shoppa!

Shoppa 2.18 support pictures up to 1 MB before re-saving, regardless of transparency.

With the AddOn Bigger Pictures you can import pictures up to 3 MB & transparent pictures can be up to 6 MB.