Product database

If you belong to a chain that is linked to a product database, you can go directly to Shoppa to search for product information for your signs. There are several ways of filtering and searching for product information to get a more specified search result. 

1. Search

When you do a search, it takes place on all product information in real time. You can make your search result more accurate by entering multiple keywords.

2. Filtering with the search filter

You have an arrow with underlying selections next to the Search bar. To narrow your search results, choose among:

  • 1. All products – all products in the database.
  • 2. My products– only local products (if you have this integration).
  • 3. Changed since printing – only products that have updated information since you last printed them. Valid per workstation.
  • 4. Changed since yesterday – only products that have updated information since yesterday.
  • 5. Changed in the past 7 days – only products that have been updated over the past 7 days.
  • 6. Changed in the past 30 days – only products that have been updated over the past 30 days.

3. Selection with the time slider

Use the time slider to gain access to prices that apply for a certain period, such as upcoming campaign prices or price lists. Move the slider laterally to change to the preferred date. Place the slider before or after the date the prices were updated for the products.

This icon indicates that a product is placed in a campaign during the chosen period.

4. Sorting

The search results are sorted alphabetically after the brand. If there is a product image, it will also show up in the search results. When a search result shows more than 250 hits, these will be spread over multiple pages.

5. Complementary products

Some products have an icon in the form of a plus sign added in the upper left corner. This means that the product has one or more complementary products. A complementary product is a product that is usually displayed together with another product. To see which complementary a product has, you can hold the cursor over the plus icon. Example: As seen here the main product is the plant ‘Chlorophytum’ and the complementary product is a watering can.

Select a template with space for complementary products or a template designed for multiple products, and the complementary product/s will appear in the template once you drag the main product into the template.

6. Products available in a campaign

If a product has an icon in the form of a calendar, it means it is part of a campaign.