Multi product template

A multi product template consists of several different products in one and the same template. It can also easily be created from a 1 product template.

The index function allows us to control different elements in various ways:

  • 1. If you start with a template for a 1 product template, copy all the fields, paste and adjust the layout for the 2 (or more) products.
  • 2. Go to the Tags tab, select all elements that belong to product 2. In the list that pops up above the marking you can increase the index to 2 (for product 2) next to the symbol #. If you have a template with more than 2 products, increase accordingly (product 3 to index 3 etc.).
  • Connect product index on individual objects:
  • 3. Do as explained above, but select only the object you would like to change.

Language specific templates

Follow the steps above, but now you increase the index next to the symbol ¤.

Tip from Shoppa!

Language specific templates only concerns customers with Multi language accounts.