The tools are needed when creating new templates, and are available in the Design mode – for Design/Enterprise users only.

List of keyboard shortcuts

The keyboards shortcuts are useful when creating and editing templates in the Design mode.

Keyboard shortcuts

ctrl+q = Add to Printer Queue
ctrl+p = Print
ctrl+c = Copy
ctrl+x = Cut
ctrl+v = Paste
ctrl+z = Undo
ctrl+shift+z = Redo
space = Pan Hand
ctrl+a = Select All Objects
tab = Go to Next Input Box
shift+tab = Go to Previous Input Box
ctrl+tab = Go to Next Template Tab
ctrl+shift+tab = Go to Previous Template Tab
ctrl+shift+e = Save as Picture
mouse scrollwheel = Scroll / Zoom
drag object+click right mouse button = Duplicate Object

Left toolbar

The upper toolbar

  • 1. Close Design mode, Save
  • 2. Cut, Copy, Paste
  • 3. Undo, Redo
  • 4. Arrange objects; Bring to front, Move Forward, Move Backwards, Send Back
  • 5. Unlock, Unlock; used to control if an object can be editable or not for the Plus users (outside of the Design mode)
  • 6. Visible on output, Hidden on output; visible or not when printed
  • 7. Placement of object within the box (applies to pictures and texts); Align Left, Align Center, Align Right, Align Top, Align Middle, Align Bottom
  • 8. Placement of objects in relation to each other
  • 9. Grouping of objects: Group Objects, Ungroup Objects, Ungroup All Objects
  • 10. Preview
  • 11. Only show visible elements
  • 12. Font and font style
  • 13. Price formatting
  • 14. Adjust text; Single Line Text, Multi Line Text, maximal font size, Line Spacing, Limit Rows
  • 15. Corner Radius (applies to boxes)
  • 16. Barcode type
  • 17. Shadow options: Hide shadow, Show shadow, Shadow opacity, Shadow feather (softness of the shadow)