Import list of products

Mediablob is most often linked to one or more product information databases, but it is also possible to import product lists from Excel formats. However, before you begin, it is important that you follow the column sorting instructions. Read more about column sorting here.

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Note: To import a price list from Excel, it is important that the columns are set in the same order as they are in Mediablob.

  • 1. Mediablob: Go to Edit, make sure that Paste Creates Rows and that Paste Overwrites Existing Rows are selected. Everything that is pasted from now on, will create new rows and not overwrite the existing ones.

How to import a product list


1. Select the whole Excel product list and copy it.
2. Arrange the columns in Mediablob in the same order as they are in the Excel list.
3. (If a column is missing; right-click anywhere in the column bar and search for the missing column in the pop-up window.)
4. Select the first column (NOTE: this must be a code column). Make sure it only turns blue. Paste the whole product list.
5. Notice how the columns get the data in the same order as it was in Excel.
6. Save.

Note! An error message will appear if you try to click Save, and more than one product have the same value in the code fields (Code1 – 4 and EAN13). Rows containing the same code are highlighted with exclamation marks. Adjust the fields that need unique information in order to save, or delete the product and re-paste it in a row again.

 Tip from Shoppa!

Paste Creates Rows = Paste several rows. Used by searching for existing product information and doing completion at the same time.
Paste Overwrites Existing Rows = Searches existing product information and replaces/adds product information.

Duplicate products

1. Select one or several products, right-click and select Duplicate Selected Product.

The product copy/copies are now found at the bottom of the product list.
Give the product/products a unique code and save.