Product groups

Create a new product group &
Add several products at the same time


1. Enter Product Group Mode.
2. Click the New Group icon.
3. Name the group.
4. Mark the first field – which needs to be a code field (if this field does not appear; right-click the column bar and search for a code field).
5. Copy the unique codes of the products that you want include in your group.
6. Paste in the code column in Mediablob.
7. Save.

Add one product at a time

1. Search for the product.
2. Tick the box next to the product you want to add to the group.
3. Save.

Remove products from a group

1. Uncheck the boxes next to the products you would like to remove from the group (this will not delete the products, only remove them from that particular group).
2. Save.